This is a selection of my publications (for more, you can have a look at my CV):


Rectifying Climate Injustice: Reparations for Loss and Damage (under contract with Routledge). A Spanish translation will also be published with the Spanish Center for Political and Constitutional Studies Press.

Papers (selection)

García-Portela, L (2023) Overstating the efects of anthropogenic climate change?
A critical assessment of attribution methods in climate science
. European Journal for Philosophy of Science 13:17

García-Portela, L (2022) Backward-looking principles of climate justice: the unjustified move from the Polluter Pays Principle to the Beneficiary Pays Principle. Res Publica: a journal of moral, legal and social philosophy.

García-Portela, L (2022) Can Consumption-Based Emissions Accounting solve the problem of historical emissions? Some skeptical remarks. Ethics, Policy and the Environment.

Garcia-Portela, L. (2020) Moral Responsibility for Climate Change Loss and Damage: A response to the Excusable Ignorance Objection. Teorema. International Journal of Philosophy , 39 (1) :7-24 [Essay Prize SWIP-Analytic Spain]

Voget-Kleschin, L., Baatz, C., Garcia-Portela, L. (2019) Introduction to the Special Issue on Individual Environmental Responsibility in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics , 32.

Garcia-Portela, L. (2019) Individual Compensatory Duties for Historical Emissions and the Dead-Polluters ObjectionJournal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics , 32

Garcia-Portela, L. (2019) Two Mutually Exclusive Concepts of Harm? Retrospective and Structural Wrongful Harm at the Bases of a Compensatory-Based Approach for Loss and Damage. Ethics, Policy & Environment, 21 (3), 2019. Idil Boran (2019) wrote a response to my paper in her piece ‘Two Concept of Wrongful Harm: A Response‘.

Encyclopedia Entries

García-Portela, L. (2022) ‘Ética y generaciones futuras’. Enciclopedia de la Sociedad Española de Filosfía Analítica.

Book chapters (selection)

Garcia-Portela, L. (2022, forthcoming) “Daño climático” en Gómez Ramos, A., y Velasco Arias, G. Atlas político de las pasiones, Ariel.

Garcia-Portela, L. (2017) “El papel de las emisiones histórica en la justicia climática: el pensamiento de Lukas Meyer” en Truconne Borgogno, S. (comp.) Justicia intergeneracional. Ensayos desde el pensamiento de Lukas H. Meyer, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, 2017.

Garcia-Portela, L. (2016) El debate en torno a la fundamentación filosófica de nuestra responsabilidad hacia las generaciones futuras y sus consecuencias para la democracia verde”, en Valencia, A. (ed.) Democracia verde, Porrúa.