Presentations (selection)

The Role of Attribution Science in Justice for Loss and Damage. November 2022. Invited to the Workshop on Philosophy of Climate Science. University of Hannover.

Las dimensiones de la justicia climática: el deber de liderar la transición a sociedades low-carbon. December 2019. Invited by the Research Project Think Clima. University Pompeu Fabra; and by the Department of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Workshop on the Political and Legal Philosophy of Climate Change. September 2022, UCLouvain. Paper: What can national courts do for climate justice? Together with Dr.Dr. Santiago Truccone and Carlota Garofalo. 

Society for Applied Philosophy Conference. July 2022, University of Edinburgh. Paper: Structural injustice and the normative significance of the unjust past.

Workshop ‘Principles of Ethical Decision-Making in Environmental Practice’. March 2022, University of Fribourg. Paper: Justifying compensation for climate change

Workshop Normative aspects of attribution science. DK Final Workshop. University of Graz, February 2022. Paper: ‘Overstating the effects of climate change? An assessment of attribution methods in climate science’

Workshop Human Rights and Climate Change. ‘How to best justify compensation for climate change? Human rights and the continuous pull of moral reasons’, University of Leiden, 27-28 January 2022.

Grounding climate change: land, environment and the green future’ (online) University of Postdam, 17-18 January 2022. Paper: ‘Climate change, compensation and the continuity of moral reasons’

Attribution methods in climate change: Exploring the scientific controversy. Spanish Society of Philosophy of Science. November 2021. Salamanca (Spain). Best Conference Paper Award (500€).

Assessing backward-looking principles of climate justice. Oxford Graduate Conference in Political Theory, April 2021 (online). Nuffield College. Department of Politics and International Relations. University of Oxford (UK).

Assessing backward-looking principles of climate justice for loss and damage. March 2021. Invited to the Seminar Series on Climate Justice organised by the Climate Change Center Austria (online)

Qualifying corrective climate justice: the structural and normative significance of historical emissions. Workshop on Corrective Climate Justice. June 2019. Institute for Future Studies. Stockholm (Sweden).